OurPets Kitty Potty Litter Box System

OurPets Kitty Potty

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  • Simulates kitty’s natural instincts
  • Cat’s paws stay clean
  • Easy to clean – no touch waste removal
  • Effectively absorbs odors

 The OurPets® Kitty Potty™ is a litter box system that allows your cat to exercise their natural elimination instincts without you or your cat touching any waste.  Cats have a natural instinct to do their “business” in a hole then cover it up.  The unique design of the OurPets® Kitty Potty™ encourages your cat to “go” in the hole, replicating their natural environment.

Any type of cat litter works with the Kitty Potty™.  Simply surround the hole with a small amount of litter and fill the Hopper Litter Dispenser.  After your cat’s waste is in the hold, your cat will instinctively cover the waste with the litter from the Hopper.  Your cat never touches the waste, ensuring that bacteria will not be tracked through the home.

Pet parents do not have to come in contact with waste either.  When the waste tray is full, simply remove the tray, slide the bag over the waste and toss for an easy no-touch cleanup. 

The Kitty Potty™ makes waste unreachable to other pets and the Universal Zeolite Carbon Filter effectively absorbs odors, keeping the litter area fresh and clean.

The ability to work with any type of litter, including non-clumping, makes the OurPets® Kitty Potty™ a very economical alternate to traditional litter boxes.  Ideal for kittens so they can develop their bathroom habits early (or a trainable adult cat), the Kitty Potty™ will quickly become the preferred litter box for the rest of that cat’s life.

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